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Friday, September 13, 2002

TOGETHER WE PLEDGE. The entire Carlisle School community gathered on the plaza Wednesday morning to say the Pledge of Allegiance in remembrance of September 11, 2001. (Photo by Rik Pierce)

It has been nine months since Joseph Campagna first came to the board of appeals to request a special permit to operate a commercial stable at 964 Bedford Road. At that time, the barn was yet to be built, and the discussion that night had mostly to do with manure. The board denied the application without prejudice, asking the applicant to address their many unanswered questions before returning with his application. ...more

The Twin Towers

It looked like a movie we once went to see
Flames, falling walls, smoke and debris.
I felt like a child at a "Superman" show,
Not really believing the scenario.

But childhood has slipped forever away
Since witnessing death and destruction that day.
We all will remember ­ can never forget ­
The challenge we know will have to be met:

The challenge of evil ­ the hurting, the hate,
The trickery, anger, the fervent debate....
And now may the lost ones rest in peace,
Not only the heroes ­ the firemen, police ­

But ­ to all those who lost their lives then:
"We'll always remember," and "Never again."

by Barbara Bennett


The Acton Conservation Commission has acknowledged receipt of a letter from their Carlisle counterparts urging modification of plans for the 90-house Robbins Mill Estates that will border Carlisle on the west side of town. The proposal as drawn up by former Carlisle commissioner Ken Harte called for a modest reorientation of the subdivision to permit preservation of a 150-foot-wide buffer roughly following the town line. The forested border area would serve as a wildlife corridor and permit trail linkage between existing conservation tracts in both towns ...more

Interviewing the latest appointee to the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) did not appear to be a hazardous assignment for a member of the local press. The scene was not Afghanistan or Mexico City; it was the shady side yard of the newest addition to the commission, former member and active veteran of other town bodies, Tricia Smith. But browsing under the tall pines as I began the interview was a long-eared, soft-eyed and disarmingly rotund thief. ...more

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