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Friday, August 30, 2002


On August 22 the Carlisle Conservation Commission voted to endorse an eleventh-hour effort by former commissioner Ken Harte and others to consider an environmentally friendly change to plans for the pending 90-home Robbins Mill Estates subdivision just across the Acton border on the west side of town. Harte's proposal was strongly opposed by the developer when he presented it before the Acton Planning Board on July 22, and in spite of a follow-up letter on August 18, he had received no official response. Nonetheless he felt that a statement of strong support from the Carlisle commission might have an impact. On Monday, August 26, the Acton Planning Board approved the subdivision without discussing Harte's proposal. ...more

The Carlisle Public Schools have been awarded a $20,000 grant that will help fund the feasibility study to determine Carlisle's needs for new school space. The so-called Green Schools grant, awarded by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), will allow the schools to look at energy- and cost-saving building options that might not otherwise be taken into account in a typical feasibility study. ...more

Beginning September 1, Church Street, between the intersections of School Street and Bedford Road, will become one-way towards Bedford Road. This "one-way" change will be effective for one year during which time it will be evaluated and a final decision will be made as to the permanence of the change. ...more

Last summer the selectmen began a process of establishing short-term and long-term goals for the board as a way to measure progress and to pinpoint issues that require more attention and energy. This year, at their August 13 meeting, they reviewed and updated those goals. The process of goal-setting and review reveals much about how the selectmen see their roles and the town's changing priorities. ...more

Ted and Liz Browne of 846 Maple Street brought their expansion plans for discussion with the board of health. The Brownes intend to add a second floor to their flat-roofed home, originally built in 1956. The addition will add one room to the current eight. Since room count is more than eight, the number of bedrooms is determined by adding up the total number of rooms, dividing by two, and rounding down for odd numbers of rooms. Thus the house will still be considered a four bedroom house. ...more

The conservation commission considered two problematic applications at their August 22 meeting. The first concerned a project that straddles the Concord-Carlisle town line off Monument Street/River Road. The second has a long-running history that started under developer Theodore Treibick and has continued under the present owners, Field Crest Real Estate Trust, in an area off East Street. ...more

School wastewater plant. The selectmen approved spending $70,000 for the design and permitting phase of the waste water treatment plant at the Carlisle School, as per a proposal by engineers Hoyle, Tanner, and Associates, Inc. The finished plant, to be sited on the Banta-Davis Land, is expected to cost in excess of $1 million, and will serve an expanding school population. A special Town Meeting will be called, probably in early spring 2003, to approve money for construction. ...more

Deb Belanger, who was appointed to the Carlisle Finance Committee this summer, brings twenty years of experience in finance, an intimate knowledge of town government, and a strong interest in promoting depart-mental cooperation to help solve Carlisle's budget woes. An eleven-year resident of Carlisle, Belanger resides on Palmer Way with her husband Joseph, their son Nick, 8, and daughter Kate, 4. ...more

TCG contract. Board of health consulting engineer Rob Frado's contract, due for renewal on July 1, was renewed with the same provisions as last year. Frado pointed out that the new contract includes a 4 percent increase in rate for each year 2003 through 2005. ...more

With a possible comprehensive permit application in Carlisle, the Carlisle Planning Board listened with interest as board member Phyllis Zinicola reviewed the significance of recent regulatory changes to the comprehensive permit law, commonly known as Chapter 40B, or more affectionately as the anti-snob zoning law. The changes require funding agencies to become more involved in affordable housing projects before developers can file applications with town boards. ...more

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The following agendas for upcoming town committee meetings were submitted to the Mosquito for publication. ...more

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