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Friday, August 30, 2002


Shorts from the board of health

TCG contract. Board of health consulting engineer Rob Frado's contract, due for renewal on July 1, was renewed with the same provisions as last year. Frado pointed out that the new contract includes a 4 percent increase in rate for each year 2003 through 2005.

Great Brook Farm. Mark Duffy needed two waivers for operation of the farm's ice cream and food service. First, there is no mop sink as required. Duffy explained that a large heavy industrial mop bucket on wheels is used, which is filled and cleaned from a high pressure hose. The mop is never used in the regular sink. The bucket wouldn't fit in the sink, even if someone could lift it there. Second, there is no separate hand washing sink. The board granted these two waivers as it has in past years.

Daisy's food market. The board of health conducted food inspections on Daisy's market after some complaints from patrons. The first inspection showed everything OK. The second inspection was done as a surprise and found a worker handling pizza without wearing gloves. Also, there have been complaints of others not wearing the gloves when handling food.

The final inspection on August 7 turned up a problem with the refrigerator temperature. The meat for sandwiches was sitting at 60 degrees Farenheit whereas the health requirements are no higher than 40 degrees Farenheit. Daisy's threw out all of the meat and was given 48 hours to repair the refrigerator. Everything passed an inspection on August 9.

Opolski suggested another possible surprise inspection before the end of this month, with the results available to the board of health by the next meeting on September 9. "I agree. One more time. That's it," added Davis Lewis.

Animal management. The board discussed a draft document on the new animal management regulations which will be finalized this fall. The board is trying to keep the focus on health issues; not how many animals you keep, but how clean you keep things.

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