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Friday, August 16, 2002


Getting married during the 18th and 19th centuries was accomplished in a different style than it is today. Couples usually married on a weekday; a Carlisle wedding was likely to take place on a Tuesday or Thursday, seldom on a weekend. Brides wore their best dress regardless of color, and the color was often black instead of white. Simon Willard's daughter Elizabeth wore a red silk brocade dress when she married Carlisle's Robert Blood in 1653. Celebrations might vary from none at all to a gathering with family and friends, complete with dinner and dancing. Some couples did not "go to housekeeping" immediately after the wedding, instead living separately for weeks or even months until the situation was convenient for all involved. ...more

Harvest season is coming to Foss Farm. We are talking about garden plots on approximately two acres of the 57-acre conservation land located off Bedford Road, near the Concord River. Over a hundred separate plots have been basking in the warmth of the summer sun, surviving heat waves and pounding rains, growing into thick jungles of six-foot sunflowers, wandering pumpkins, climbing beans, and a variety of eggplants that shine purple and fat under their lavender flowers. Sharing the gardens, the gardeners also share the successes and failures, pests, and problems. What is growing well this year? What is the pest of this season? Ed Humm, a daily visitor to his plot, has been very pleased with his peppers and lettuce. He buys his plants when they are small, and nurses them at home until it is safe to plant them, avoiding the stressed look that nursery plants can have by the end of May. His plot is neat and no weed dares show its face. Ed is not the first gardener to use the Foss land. This silty river soil has a long history of agriculture. ...more

Conventional lawn care can be the single most environmentally damaging thing many suburban homeowners do, and in most cases, less is more. That is, less water, less fertilizer and less pesticide use is healthier for us and for the environment (especially our ponds, streams and rivers). There is an alternative system of lawn care that uses a more healthful approach to produce better looking turf without severe environmental damage: organic lawn care. ...more

Name: Lobelia cardinalis, Cardinal flower. ...more

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