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Friday, August 16, 2002


Planning board amends rules & regs for subdivisions

On June 24 the planning board approved changes to the Carlisle's Rules & Regulations Governing Subdivisions. According to board member Michael Epstein, "There is nothing monumental" in the changes.

One change approved by the board requires "Approval Not Required" plans (ANR) to be filed at regularly scheduled board meetings rather than with the town clerk and planning board administrator. These plans are subject to a 21-day approval period and acceptance of an ANR at the meeting will start the clock.

Additionally, the board may require that an engineer review an ANR plan. Citing the increasing complications of easements, wetlands and shared driveways, the board wanted the ability to have an engineer review the plan. An applicant will be required to cover the additional cost of the review. Under the state statute, an ANR plan is used to create a lot when a subdivision road is not needed. The state law limits the board's role to exclusively determining if there is sufficient "frontage" on a roadway.

Sandra Brock of Judith Nitsch Engineering summed up the drainage changes: "The goal is to create a more natural drainage system within a subdivision. This provides the board more flexibility in retaining the natural environment."

The revised Rules & Regulations create a provision for "footpaths" to be aligned with the natural environment. The regulations allow for either the construction of a footpath, if appropriate for the site, or for a $15 per linear foot assessment in lieu of construction to be determined by the board.

The planning board had circulated the proposed changes to town officials and boards but no comments from other boards were available to the public. The hearing was closed and the six members present unanimously approved the changes. The changes are effective immediately upon recording.

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