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Friday, August 2, 2002


Weekend parties require extra police coverage

Carlisle has assigned an extra police officer to Friday and Saturday night patrol. In a telephone interview earlier this week, Carlisle police chief David Galvin said the additional coverage was prompted by two parties on back-to-back weekends where there were underage teens and alcohol was being consumed. On July 21, police arrested an individual who was operating under the influence of alcohol that had been consumed at a nearby "houseparty." That individual was held at the station until later in the evening when he was picked up and driven home by his mother.

Galvin described the parties as "typical summer activity", but added that the large numbers ­ there were between 50 and 70 persons at a recent party on Bedford Road ­ create a situation that cannot be handled safely with present staffing. When asked about the liability for damage or injury caused at such a party, he said the parents would be responsible for any damage caused by an underage drinker. The parents of the individual who hosted the party on July 21 were away for the weekend. Galvin said "my message has always been clear" in regard to parental responsibility when alcohol is being served to minors.

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