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Friday, August 2, 2002


Shorts from the selectmen, July 23 by Cecile Sandwen

· No early retirement. The select-men declined to act on a one-time early retirement package for town employees. Five employees would have received early retirement at a cost to the town of $18,000 to $24,000. Noting the intent of the legislation was to help towns save money by retiring high-salary workers, Selectman Tim Hult said, "It's not applicable to Carlisle, and given the (financial) restraints we now have, we can't do anything about it."

· Building permit fees increase. Building inspector Bob Koning, presented revised building permit fees determined after researching surrounding towns. Many fees will increase 50% or more, and Carlisle is still "lower than many" according to Koning. It is hoped town revenues from fees, $160,000 last year, will increase by $100,000 or more. The fees were approved.

· FY04 budget process. Discussions continue as to how to improve the budget process. Hult noted the finance team has proposed asking every department to submit a budget that meets the finance committee (FinCom) guideline, along with a list of recommended programs and expenditures not funded under the guideline and requiring an override of the Proposition 2-1/2 levy limit. This would make clear what will happen in case of override failure. FinCom chair Larry Barton approved, "We need to change our assumption that overrides will pass." He also noted the Carlisle and Concord FinComs will be attending each other's critical meetings in an effort to improve communication.

· New FinCom member. Barton noted that four resumes were received for the empty FinCom position and the committee agreed unanimously that Deb Belanger was the most qualified candidate. Concerns about possible conflicts-of-interests with Belanger's positions on long term caps and bike and pedestrian safety committees were resolved to everyone's satisfaction and the selectmen approved the appointment.

· Other appointments. Other appointments included Bert Willard to the Carlisle Trails Committee, Diane Powers to the Caroline Hill Scholarship Advisory Committee. Michael Epstein's resignation from the planning board was accepted with thanks for his many years of service.

· Tax assistance for elderly. A committee is being formed to oversee the elderly and disabled tax fund and the senior work program, both approved at Town Meeting in May. The committee will report to the selectmen.

· Town election September 17. The deadline for the Warrant for the election on September 17 is August 10.

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