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Friday, August 2, 2002

Thank you to the people of Carlisle

To the Editor:

As many of you know, I recently returned to Carlisle following a recall to active naval service in response to the events of September 11th. This recall took me overseas and away from my family for five of the last eight months. While the experience was in many ways positive, by far the most gratifying and humbling aspect was the appreciation and welcome home I received from the people of this very special town.

During my absence not only did you lend support to my family through regular phone calls, homemade meals and unsolicited early morning snow shoveling, but you also made tremendous efforts to show your support for me as a representative of the U.S. military. Perhaps the best symbol of this support was the 4th of July card I received from the town shortly after my return. The card was signed by scores of Carlisle residents, all of whom had made the effort to wish me well and to express their thanks.

I am very proud to be a Naval officer and a member of the U.S. military, but I am also very proud and grateful to be a citizen of this extraordinary town. Thank you.

Josh Klein, Commander, United States Naval Reserve, Lowell Street

Yearbook fundraiser started

To the Editor:

"A picture holds 1,000 words." How many pictures are there in a yearbook? Due to budget cuts at Carlisle Public Schools there will be no yearbook this year.

A group of 8th graders have decided to work to save the yearbook. Our goal is to raise $2,000 through donations and fundraisers.

I am writing because to save theyearbook we need help from people in Carlisle.

The school needs this money to pay the teachers who work so hard to make the yearbook possible. Other than this the yearbook is self-run, We have explored the possibility of having volunteers run the yearbook, but the teachers' contract doesn't allow volunteers.

I want you to think for a minute about your middle and high school years. How much did the yearbook mean to you? Did you help create it? How many hours did you spend collecting signatures? If we have no yearbook, all of these memories will be lost! The future sixth graders will have no yearbooks to ever remember their middle school years.

Carlisle Public Schools has made a tradition of making a yearbook every year. With no yearbook this year the tradition will be broken! This is why we decided to save the yearbook.

So far we have opened a bank account for all donations to be stored, We have also made flyers, which we have placed in Daisy's and the Library. In addition to that, each flyer is in a pre-addressed envelope.

In return, we promise to print all of the donors names in the yearbook. This is our way to thank you. In order to do this we need you to put your name on your donation envelope.

So far we have raised $96 at a stand at Old Home Day selling sno-cones, etc. We thank everyone who already helped us. If you are interested in donating send it to: Carlisle Public Schools, c/o Emily Fritz-Endres, 437 North Road, Carlisle MA, 01741. All checks should be made out to Carlisle Public Schools. If you have any questions call 1-978-287-6157.

Emily Fritz-Endres
North Road

Daisy to run in Ireland for cancer research

To the Editor:

By now, I think most of you out there in Carlisle-land know what I am up to — training to run a marathon in Dublin, Ireland this October to raise awareness and funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So I will take this opportunity to simply clarify some important details about this fundraiser that I feel had not been properly communicated on those blaring headlines I erected on the windows of our store.

1) I do not have cancer. I apologize to anyone — and there were more than a few — who had initially (and in hindsight, understandably) been given that impression from my signs; I was completely unaware of that possible misinterpretation.

2) The race is in Dublin, but your donations go to one of the top-rated national voluntary health agencies in America consisting of 57 chapters across the US. And of course, any progress made in cancer research benefits our entire global community.

3) Your contributions do not go toward a paid vacation for me.

Sure, I darn well plan on saving some of my own money so that I may stay in Dublin a few extra days in order to conduct some much-needed personal research involving Irish Guinness, but the "Team in Training" program through which I am investing my fundraising energies only provides me with no-frills transportation to and from Ireland at a group charity rate.

Some of you may want to know why I have chosen to dedicate myself to this charity. It began with the nagging of my sister Jessica Daisy who, like me, always wanted to challenge herself to achieve something as lofty as completing a marathon. Then we decided that, if we are going to commit ourselves to such an event, we might as well do it for a worthy cause. Somewhere along the line, however, as I began learning how prevalent this disease is, and after adding the names of the many leukemia sufferers (and survivors!) I have encountered to the shirt I'll be wearing across the Dublin finish line, my focus has shifted. I will still realize my marathon goal, but will do so with the understanding that it shall be my least significant achievement throughout my whole fund-raising effort.

I want to thank all of you who have already rallied around this charity, as well as the many others who have expressed a sincere desire to contribute to this cause. I respectfully request that if you do have the means, and intend to contribute financially, please do it now while it is at the front of your mind. We are all busy and may put off what should be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society today — even we charity volunteers have deadlines too! Please bring donations to Daisy's Market or mail to me directly at 34 Old Marlboro Road, Concord MA 01742.

Thanks again and I will keep you all posted as to my progress.

Louis Daisy
Old Marlboro Road, Concord

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