Friday, August 2, 2002


Town Meeting Survey from June 13, 1973

The second Needlework Survey was conducted at the Special Town Meeting on June 6. The results are: Knitting 9; Needlepoint 2 (a significant drop); Embroidery 5; Hooking 1; Sewing 1. Gum chewing, with the criteria of definite bovine movement, was added as an additional category because it appeared that gum chewers were working at least as energetically as any of the knitters.

It may become necessary to make an additional survey of a reading during the meeting, for there is a clear trend in the direction of reading as a Town Meeting activity. Within a four row area we counted one novel (looked like a gothic, with heroine-in-the-wind type cover), two Readers Digest, one Newsweek and something that looked like the Yellow Pages but upon inquiry turned out to be a copy of Do It Yourself and Save.

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