Friday, August 2, 2002


Editors and General Managers of the Carlisle Mosquito:

Sally Coulter, editor, 1983-84

Roberta Spang, editor, 1983-84

Bonnie Miskolczy, editor, 1983-86

Kay Kulmala, editor, 1983-89

Penny Zezima, editor, 1984-86, 1996-2001

Marilyn Harte, feature editor, 1984-

Dorothy Schechter, news editor, 1985-86

Carolynn Luby, news editor, 1987-92

Susan Emmons, general manager, 1987-

Jackie Frey, news editor, 1989-96

Mary Hult, news editor, 1996-2000

Maya Liteplo, news editor, 2000-

Previous to the merger, editors of the Mosquito included Bonnie Miskolczy, Ginny Johnson and Max Barber. Editors of the Carlisle Gazette included Marty Nestor, Carol Lobron, Roberta Spang and Sally Coulter.

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