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Friday, August 2, 2002


Never heard around town

Inspired by Brian McGrory's column in the Boston Globe, June 17:

These are snippets of conversations we'll never hear in Carlisle:

· I just can't wait for Trader Joe's to open at Foss Farm.

· Here's my cell phone number. You can call me anytime.

· I loved FinCom's presentation at Town Meeting, but it ended too soon.

· It's too bad Tom Raftery's cartoons in the Mosquito always miss the mark. I never understand them.

· Yeah, I got through to AT&T Broadband on the first try — and talked to a human. And my picture cleared up right away.

· Traffic? What traffic? Still, a traffic light at the rotary is a great idea.

· Our book club is reading the Anna Nicole Smith Story. What're you reading?

· We bought a tear-down in Buttrick Woods and we're going to build the cape of our dreams.

· Our portfolio did very well in the market this summer, so we're buying a time-share in Rehoboth.

· Hello, this is AT&T Broadband calling. We'll be installing new cable in your neighborhood next Wednesday, and ...

· Don't you think small children should be welcome at Town Meeting? After all, they're our future and should see government at work.

· So what ever happened to those sheep on Towle Field? I heard the coyotes got them.

· Property taxes and state taxes will both go up this year, but I'm sure this is the last increase,

· Mosquitoes? What mosquitoes?

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