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Friday, July 19, 2002


Developer Michael Kenny spoke informally with the Carlisle Board of Selectmen on July 9 about his proposed building project on lot 21-12, 302 Lowell Street. Kenny plans to remove the existing house, and build eight structures. Six would be three-bedroom houses, and two would contain duplexes, each with two bedrooms. While the duplexes would be sold as affordable housing, their exteriors would look identical to the market-rate houses. ...more

An attempt to piece together an accurate history of the Carlisle Town Forest and determine whether any part thereof may be legally available for municipal development remains solidly in limbo. The complexities of the situation blocked even a modest step forward at last Thursday's conservation commission meeting. ...more

I commend those of you who are spending the holiday in Carlisle. By keeping your cars at home you are making our highways safer and conserving precious energy. For those of you who have come back to Carlisle to see and be with old friends, you are honoring the original concept of Old Home Days. ...more

Largely in response to neighbors' concerns, David Woodward and Gretchen Anderegg of Bedford Road revised their cell tower application lowering the height of the proposed tower from 199 feet to 185 feet. Woodward told the Carlisle Board of Appeals on July 2 that tree height in the area is 100 feet and by placing the first carrier at 110 feet, with ten feet between each carrier, their tower could accommodate five carriers. ...more

The Carlisle Board of Appeals granted two special permits for additions to houses next to one another on Stearns Street on July 2. The board seemed pleased that these modest houses were being preserved in a neighborhood where there have been a number of teardowns of similar-sized houses. ...more

· Raises approved. The Carlisle Board of Selectmen voted 2.5% cost of living and other salary increases for municipal employees. These increases were recommended in the town's wage and classification study, and the money was appropriated during the special town meeting held June 17. Since the new police contract has not yet been finalized, the selectmen postponed voting on salary changes in the police department. ...more

· Milne Cove Dam Repair. Vivian Chaput and Richard and Carolyn Davis, all neighbors on Milne Cove Lane, made an emergency visit to the conservation commission's July 11 meeting. The purpose was to gain approval for immediate repair to a levy that helps to hold back water from a small stream to form a 300-plus-foot pond. ...more

There has been a confirmed case of an animal testing positive for rabies, in Carlisle. There have been attacks on domestic animals by suspected rabid wild animals. There are three missing three-month-old orange marmalade kittens, who were under quarantine for rabies. There have been numerous rabid animals in surrounding towns. ...more

Massachusetts towns have until November 1 to decide to participate in the state's one-time early retirement option for (non-teacher) municipal employees. At their July 9 meeting, the Carlisle Board of Selectmen discussed how this plan might affect Carlisle. The plan allows a town to add up to five years of service and/or age into the calculations of an employee's pension benefits. This would result in higher pension payments for the life of the individuals, and the cost would be borne by the town. Eligible employees would have to retire by the first of December. ...more


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