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Friday, July 19, 2002


An innocent girl frolics carelessly in a sunlit cottage yard. A picture window opens on a sparkling night view of the city. A solitary man fishes at a serene ice pond from a rowboat. These simple scenes are straight out of the Mystique exhibit by Jonathan Donahue at the Gleason Public Library until September 4. Most of the 23 framed drawings on display are for sale, ranging from $35 to $90. ...more

This Old Home Day saw a record for heat and humidity over these past 27 years, with temperatures in the low 80s by race time. This translated into slower times for most of the 135 runners (the third largest field ever ) who completed the two races: 40 runners competed in the 5-mile race at 7:30 a.m. (13 female), 95 in the 1-mile race at 8:30 (38 female). Presenting another challenge for the runners this year was the Maple Street bridge collapse segment, which had to be negotiated by the runners with care. ...more

Old Home Day 2002 proved that patriotism is alive, well and ever prevalent in Carlisle! The day was a huge success, with several people in attendance despite the oppressive heat and humidity. ...more

Grand Prize to FRS Fan Display - "Memorable, Obvious preparation and practice, Wide range of people having a great time, Appropriate use of bribery by giving fans to parade officials in such hot weather, Their reputation preceded them" ...more

Cake Decorating

Adults - 1st prize: Liz Orlando and Jessica Levine ...more

The Old Home Day Committee would like to thank the many people who sponsored the building of the 20 new Country Fair booths. A brass plaque was fixed to each new booth in memory or honor of someone. They read as follows: ...more

You've got to be taught to hate and fear. ...more

Name: Blue Dasher, Pachidiplax longipennis. ...more

Last Thursday our family, which consists of Paul, Greek-American, Cynthia, German-English and Rose and Lucas from South America celebrated the Fourth of July together at Old Home Day in Carlisle. Rose, age 7 1/2, was unsure how the events would unfold during the day ("Would there be fireworks in the morning?"), but she was soon distracted by the pleasure of carrying her toy cash register in the car to the parade. We settled on the Town Green to wait for the parade to start, watching the fire trucks move up toward the school. ...more

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