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Friday, July 19, 2002


ConsCom shorts, July 11

· Milne Cove Dam Repair. Vivian Chaput and Richard and Carolyn Davis, all neighbors on Milne Cove Lane, made an emergency visit to the conservation commission's July 11 meeting. The purpose was to gain approval for immediate repair to a levy that helps to hold back water from a small stream to form a 300-plus-foot pond.

Chaput reported that the 80-year-old levy has been undermined, and the pond is already well below the spillway. "We need to work fast. It's a deep pond that contains fish. All we need to do now is plug the hole," she pleaded.

Because the repair would involve heavy equipment being used to install filter material, fill and thick rubberized roofing near the stream bed, the project would normally require formal engineering specifications, but when chair Chris Kavalauskas declared that a big rainfall would cause the dam to blast out and wash soil downstream, the decision was easy. The commission issued an emergency certificate that Fire Chief Bob Koning was glad to co-sign, since the pond is the only natural source of water in the area.

Chaput will be required to prepare a Notice of Intent later, that will describe the work that had been completed and propose other dam repairs that Kavalauskas believes are clearly needed.

· Two RDA approvals. Two standard Requests for Determination of Applicability (RDAs) gave applicants the green light to proceed with simple projects requiring little or no significant work in wetland buffer zones. The first favorable decision was issued to Richard and Ann Ketchen and allows them to install a private well and service pipe to their home on Brook Street. The work is associated with installation of a new septic system.

A second favorable determination okayed construction of an addition to an existing home on School Street. The applicants were David and Sally Wylie who are new residents from Concord.

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