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Friday, July 19, 2002


Shorts from the selectmen, July 9

· Raises approved. The Carlisle Board of Selectmen voted 2.5% cost of living and other salary increases for municipal employees. These increases were recommended in the town's wage and classification study, and the money was appropriated during the special town meeting held June 17. Since the new police contract has not yet been finalized, the selectmen postponed voting on salary changes in the police department.

· Reducing RSC budget trauma. Regional school committee (RSC) member Michael Fitzgerald suggested Carlisle start a separate stabilization fund to smooth out fluctuations in Carlisle's bill for the regional high school. This was done once before, several years ago.

The towns of Concord and Carlisle divide the bill for the high school according to the percentage of students from each town. Finance committee member Larry Barton said that Concord will pay a greater percentage of the regional high school budget next year, but "we have a large problem three years out" when Carlisle enrollments will rise. Selectman Vivian Chaput suggested holding joint Concord-Carlisle finance committee meetings as a way to help the towns understand each other's constraints and priorities early in the yearly budget-making process. Barton said, "The challenge will be how to strike a balance for both communities."

· Selectmen divide liaison duties. The board of selectmen and town administrator Madonna McKenzie divvied up liaison assignments to many town departments and committees, as follows: McKenzie will act as liaison to the building inspection services, the department of public works, the fire and police departments, and the town clerk/accountant, and treasurer/tax collector. Vivian Chaput agreed to follow the board of appeals, the regional school committee, the library, and the community preservation committee. Doug Stevenson will be the liaison to the board of assessors, the financial management team (with Tim Hult), and the Concord selectmen. Carol Peters agreed to work with the board of health, the Carlisle school building committee, the Council on Aging, and the planning board. John Ballantine will work with the Carlisle school committee, the conservation commission, and the municipal land committee. Tim Hult will act as liaison for the finance committee, the financial management team, the personnel board, and the recreation committee.

· School building committee appointments. Members of the school building committee (SBC) are appointed for one-year terms, and the selectmen voted to appoint the seven people already either current SBC members, or non-voting associate members. The selectmen hoped that in the future, the committee will be able to add voting or associate members with construction and architectural experience. Selectman John Ballantine also mentioned the goal of reducing the proportion of the committee with close ties to the school (currently four of the seven.) SBC members Paul Morrison and Michael Fitzgerald agreed, but also praised the current members, who they said are working very effectively. The members of the SBC are: Paul Morrison, Suzanne Whitney Smith, Eileen Riley, Michael Fitzgerald, Bob Pauplis, Christy Barbee and Daniel Cook.

· Council on Aging appointments. The selectmen also appointed Nadine Bishop and Peggy Wang to three-year terms on the Carlisle Council on Aging.

· Board of appeals appointment. Midge Eliassen was re-appointed to the board of appeals for a one-year term.

· Carriage Way. The board of selectmen voted to give developer William Costello a 90-day extension on his purchase and sale agreement for the town-owned lot 10 on Carriage Way. The reason given for the extension was a delay in processing paperwork for the town's using an eminent domain taking to ensure a clear title prior to sale.

· School septic contract. The selectmen signed a $30,000 contract with GZA for the engineering work involved in designing a waste-water- treatment plant for the Carlisle public school. The contract had been tentatively approved earlier, before the wording had been finalized, and the money has been authorized at town meeting.

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