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Friday, July 19, 2002

A crowd gathers on the Green waiting for the Old Home Day parade to go by. (Photo by Ellen Huber)
Last Thursday our family, which consists of Paul, Greek-American, Cynthia, German-English and Rose and Lucas from South America celebrated the Fourth of July together at Old Home Day in Carlisle. Rose, age 7 1/2, was unsure how the events would unfold during the day ("Would there be fireworks in the morning?"), but she was soon distracted by the pleasure of carrying her toy cash register in the car to the parade.. ...more

Developer Michael Kenny spoke informally with the Carlisle Board of Selectmen on July 9 about his proposed building project on lot 21-12, 302 Lowell Street. Kenny plans to remove the existing house, and build eight structures. Six would be three-bedroom houses, and two would contain duplexes, each with two bedrooms. While the duplexes would be sold as affordable housing, their exteriors would look identical to the market-rate houses. ...more

An attempt to piece together an accurate history of the Carlisle Town Forest and determine whether any part thereof may be legally available for municipal development remains solidly in limbo. The complexities of the situation blocked even a modest step forward at last Thursday's conservation commission meeting. ...more

Carlisle names Koning and Findlay 2002 honorees
Robert Koning Most Honored Citizen

I commend those of you who are spending the holiday in Carlisle. By keeping your cars at home you are making our highways safer and conserving precious energy. For those of you who have come back to Carlisle to see and be with old friends, you are honoring the original concept of Old Home Days. On behalf of the Old Home Days and the Celebrations Committees, I welcome you to this celebration of the 226th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence. Massachusetts' John Adams was given the job of writing the Declaration, but had other responsibilities in supporting the war for independence and turned the job over to Thomas Jefferson. These men were friends then. ...more

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