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Friday, July 19, 2002


Builder proposes eight houses, some affordable, on four-acre lot

Developer Michael Kenny spoke informally with the Carlisle Board of Selectmen on July 9 about his proposed building project on lot 21-12, 302 Lowell Street. Kenny plans to remove the existing house, and build eight structures. Six would be three-bedroom houses, and two would contain duplexes, each with two bedrooms. While the duplexes would be sold as affordable housing, their exteriors would look identical to the market-rate houses.

Kenny described the layout of the development. There will be three wells to serve the 26 bedrooms in the project. The buildings will be about 2800 square feet, on 20,000 square foot lots, with 40 to 50 feet separating each building. Kenny believes the houses will appeal to empty-nesters or first-time home owners, and he plans to price them at $650,000 to $700,000.

Since his proposal does not conform to Carlisle zoning laws, Kenny is filing his project under a 40B comprehensive permit application with the state.

Selectman Vivian Chaput asked about the state septic system requirements under Title 5, which call for house lots to contain 10,000 square feet per bedroom. She said that under Title 5, a comprehensive permit on a four-acre lot would normally be allowed approximately 17 bedrooms, and expressed concern that the land could not handle the septic effluent from additional bedrooms. Chaput told Kenny, "If you could reduce the bedroom count on this project, it would go a long way toward making us comfortable with this."

Kenny explained that he plans to use a new technology for treating wastewater, which would reduce the nitrogen content of the waste by about 90 percent before the water enters the leaching field. It was not clear whether this waste treatment technology has been used before in Massachusetts.

Under the comprehensive permit process, the town will have less oversight authority than with conventional building projects. The board of appeals and board of health will review the plan, and the conservation commission will review work near wetlands.

Michael Kenny also developed the Hart Farm subdivision, located off Curve Street. He lives in Hamilton, Massachusetts, and has been a builder for 28 years. His recent work has been in Concord, Carlisle and Nantucket.

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