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Friday, July 19, 2002


Honorary/Memorial Country Fair Booths

The Old Home Day Committee would like to thank the many people who sponsored the building of the 20 new Country Fair booths. A brass plaque was fixed to each new booth in memory or honor of someone. They read as follows:

H. David Reed
In memory of Guy Clark
Dori Davis, OHD Treasurer
Judy R. Larson
In honor of Jim and Wendy Davis
In honor of Eunice Knight
Jane and Bert Williams
David and Estelle Keast
Ernie and Ellen Huber
Carl and Sarah Andreassen
The Tierney Family
In honor of Scott Simpson
Thanks, Carlisle NWH
Brittany and Brendon Westlake Fay
In honor of Shelley Reeves
In memory of Gordon and Mary Diment
Trade Secret Gardens
Donna and Newel Cantrill
Friends of the Council on Aging
Ernie and Dorothy King ­ Wanda, Clay, Craig, Miles and Scot

The idea for the country fair booth fundraiser was the brainstorm of OHD assistant to chairperson Judy Larson.

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