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Friday, July 19, 2002


Parade winners and the judges' comments

Grand Prize to FRS Fan Display - "Memorable, Obvious preparation and practice, Wide range of people having a great time, Appropriate use of bribery by giving fans to parade officials in such hot weather, Their reputation preceded them"

Best Theme Interpretation to Great American Hero Truck - "Loved the huge stuffed sandwich and names of the different heroes - all kinds"

Best Trailered Float to Carlisle Historical Society's Antique Horse-Drawn Hearse pulled by Jim Burnham's Fjord Ponies- "Strong effort in a field of one"

Best Vehicle to Carlisle Fire Dept's New Ladder Truck - "Glistening, Shiny New, Best volume of candy, Cute guy riding up in back, No other choice in its grand entrance to the old Carlisle tradition of having our fire engines in the parade"

Best Precision Team to Callahan's Red, White and Blue Karate Group - "Skilled and animated demonstration, Wonderful outfits, Patriotic display"

Thanks to Zane Schweer and Marshall Evans for their invaluable help in organizing the parade entries at the school parking lot, and handing out participant ribbons.

Thanks to Satchi Davis for volunteering to wear "The Middle" sandwich-board in the parade, providing spectators with the critical information that, despite numerous large gaps,the second half of the the parade was yet to come.

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