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Friday, June 28, 2002


The Ambulance Controversy--Conscience, Cost, or Good Sense?

Excerpts from May 1976 issues of the Mosquito ...more

Now that schools are out and summer vacations are about to begin, it's the time when most of us can plan on having more free time for recreational reading. With this in mind, the Mosquito has asked Mosquito Forum writers to help us compile a summer reading list. Here are their suggestions. They and we here at the Mosquito wish you many happy hours of reading throughout the summer months ahead. Turn off the television, ignore the Internet and don't answer your cell phone. Just pick up a thick book and enjoy some good summer reading. ...more


Name: Chocolate Tube Slime Mold or Stemonitis axifera. It is also sometimes called the Pipe-cleaner Slime. ...more

Spring season sports round-up from CCHS

Carlisle athletes are a major influence in high school sports

Concord-Carlisle High School is known by many colleges as an institution with high academic standards. Rivals in the Dual County League however know CCHS as a sports powerhouse, which sees success in every sport it participates in. Many of the student-athletes who formed this year's spring teams were from the town of Carlisle. Athletes from Carlisle have always had a major influence in sports at the High School, and this spring proved to be no different. ...more

Old Home Day Doings

Summer's arrived! Just ahead lies the hour ...more

We moved to Carlisle the end of June 1969 with our two young daughters. We had just left Long Island and the New York City congestion to begin a new adventure in a beautiful town where we didn't know a single person. Our neighbors waved to us and we discovered that Baldwin Road was a wonderful neighborhood with lots of children and friendly families. ...more

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