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Friday, June 28, 2002


Shorts from the selectmen, June 25

Concord-Carlisle Coordination Meeting. A meeting between the Concord and Carlisle selectmen, finance committees, and the regional school committee (RSC) took place June 20 to begin a dialog and develop a process for resolving future disagreements over the CCHS budget. It became obvious that the process of setting budget guidelines for the high school is very different in the two towns. Concord selectmen/FinCom pass on the RSC's budget requests to voters without negotiation. If Concord continues this method, said selectman John Ballantine, "there will be a lot of non-matching in the future between the two towns...I don't really think they understand Carlisle and the pressure we're under."

A discussion of Concord-Carlisle cooperation issues is scheduled for the next selectmen's meeting, on July 9.

Town forest study committee. The committee proposed a $1,300 study to produce a "working drawing type of plan" of the Carlisle Town Forest. The plan would be a first step in trying to determine where 42 acres of conservation land are located, possibly opening another 25 acres within the town-owned parcel for development as ballfields or for other uses. The committee will explore the cost of a full survey and the selectmen will draft a letter to the conservation commission recommending payment from the conservation fund.

New chairman. Doug Stevenson took over as chair of the board, with Tim Hult as vice-chair. Vivian Chaput will be clerk. Liaisons to the FinCom, Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) and Carlisle School Committee will be determined next meeting.

Re-appointments to town committees. The town is advertising to fill a number of vacancies on town committees. Four candidates have stepped forward for a finance committee vacancy and the FinCom has been asked to make a recommendation. There was discussion about the meaning of a phrase in the town bylaws that directs how FinCom members should be chosen, "with consideration for the demographic composition of the town."

School Loop. Deb Belanger of the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Committee requested that $10,000 earmarked for a surface on the pathway at the school, the "School Loop," be put instead toward extending the pathway. A Banta Davis-to-Kimball Ice Cream section is being planned and a pathway at the town library must be completed before July 15. The request was approved.

Affordable Housing. A proposal for affordable housing on Lowell Street will be discussed at the July 9 meeting.

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