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Friday, June 28, 2002


Shorts from the regional school committee

In a meeting where the budget was a blissfully short item last Tuesday, the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) returned to focusing on their main purpose, to guide policy and oversee the operation of the high school.

Meeting schedule. The first item on the agenda was to set meeting dates for the upcoming year. Mike Fitzgerald requested and the committee agreed to schedule several additional meeings in Carlisle as part of a broad effort to open more lines of communication between the towns over the budget process.

Principal commended. There were several commendations extended to teachers and in particular to principal Arthur DuLong who, as RSC member Lauren Walters described, "started his difficult position of being the first new principle in 25 years, while grappling with the complexities of September 11, with great leadership." By numerous accounts, Art Dulong has set a tone of his own, while continuing the tradition of excellence at the school."

Cardiac defibrillators. Court Booth, coordinator of adult and community education, presented a new program to introduce AEDs,or automatic external defibrillators, into the schools without cost to the district. He demonstrated the ease with which one can use the life saving devices and offered some sobering statistics about sudden cardiac arrest. Used in conjunction with CPR, AEDs dramatically improve survival in a cardiac emergency.

Budget finalized - with a sigh of relief. Deidre Farrell, director of financial services, thanked her many colleagues in Concord and Carlisle, who jumped into the fray to handle the complex preparations necessary for the joint Town Meeting, which was thankfully avoided. She also requested, at the advice of counsel, that the RSC offically vote to accept the results from Carlisle's Special Town Meeting which would constitute a final, approved operating budget for the upcoming year. The committee did so with a sigh of relief.

Next meeting. The next regional school committee meeting will be on July 23, in the Ripley Building in Concord at 7:30 p.m. The public is always encouraged to attend and comment on the year-round effort to maintain the excellence of the high school.

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