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Friday, June 28, 2002


Shorts from the conservation commission

June 13

Bedford Road culvert and fill. Rick West appeared in response to a formal request for information about on-going work at his Bedford Road construction site. Conservation administrator Sylvia Willard had informed West of two seeming deviations from the official plan and/or Order of Conditions under which construction was now proceeding. The first noted the absence of a 12-inch culvert where the driveway crossed a drainage channel from a small man-made pond. The second addressed the contents of fill material that appeared contrary to state and local standards which demand "clean fill," and preclude bricks among other components.

West was able to report that the culvert had now been installed and was in compliance. His vendor had since assured him that the pulverized concrete fill used in the driveway is indeed "clean" and "has been accepted in buffer zones all over the state." As for the apparent brick content, it turned out to have come from pink concrete. Said West, "It's great material because it makes an ideal base for the crushed rock on top."

Bedford Road tree-cutting and barn. Kenneth Bedrosian of Bedford Road was also asked about on-going work that appeared to be at variance with conditions specified in their original approval documents. The commission had sent him a letter because pine trees had been cut down within a wetland buffer zone without permission and because the legal extension to his original permit was about to run out. It was also obvious that much of the planned work had not yet been accomplished. When Bedrosian's review of the project made it clear that the original plan for building a barn had changed to a new location that would involve further grading and removal of trees, two of which he felt were a threat to the house, chair Christine Kavalauskas insisted that he submit a new Notice of Intent (NOI). She pointed out that his verbally described proposal for a nineteenth century barn represented a substantial increase in impact on the wetland buffer zone. The applicant indicated some uncertainty about the exact specifications for the barn because his property lies within the Carlisle Historical District and as such must be approved by the historical commission.

Commissioner Jonathan Beakley suggested that the commission issue Bedrosian an emergency certificate to allow him to remove the trees he believed menaced the house, giving him time to prepare a complete NOI to cover the expanded construction. And so the matter was left, at least for the present.

Curve Street turnaround. The first hearing on an original NOI requested permission to top an existing driveway on Curve Street that has developed 15 to 20 potholes in its first winter of use. Owner Patrick Juneau said he was proposing to top the existing driveway with asphalt, but saw no need to widen it. However, he did hope to be allowed to add a turnaround near the house.

Observing that the surrounding buffer zone constituted "wet meadow,' Beakley advised Juneau that the commission does not like to see that type of terrain mowed more than once a year. He was particularly concerned about a wetland "spike" that should be framed by wetland plantings like winterberry or wild blueberry. Juneau agreed to the recommendations, and a standard order of conditions was issued specifying delineation of the turnaround on a revised map and receipt of a plan for plantings along the wetland finger.

Koning Farm Road new construction. A second NOI submitted by Malcolm McGrory and described by engineer Joseph March of Stamski and McNary called for construction of a house, barn/garage and driveway on Koning Farm Road. The project requires 15,100 feet of work within the buffer zone and grading around the barn and pool next to the house. The pool will be protected by a hydraulic cover that keeps out sun, pine needles and critters. Seeing no problems the commission issued a standard order of conditions.

Concord Street additions. Concord Street resident Kevin Cussack also received relatively easy approval for addition of a second bay to his garage and a third bedroom to the house. The acceptance will take effect pending an okay from the board of health.

North Road driveway. A final application from North Road resident Edward Semonite for removal of dead and damaged trees and resurfacing of an existing driveway could not be acted on because of lack of a DEP number. No problems were anticipated.

June 20

Foss Farm projects. At its June 20 meeting the conservation commission approved replacement of dilapidated sections of fencing around the Foss Farm parking lot and accepted an offer from trails committee co-chair and Carlisle Area Equestrians representative Louise Hara to transport the 29 posts and 62 split rails in her horse trailer. The cost of the materials is approximately $640.

Conservation administrator Sylvia Willard reported on soil tests performed on three uncultivated fields at Foss. Results of the analyses led commissioner and farm manager John Lee to recom-mend application of approximately three tons of lime per acre for the next three years. However, results from the lower field suggested the need for a retest and an evaluation from the U.S. Agricultural Extension Service before final action.

Summer projects, meeting dates. The commission announced its summer meeting schedule and laid out a list of priorities for the next three months:

- Develop a proposal for lease of the Greenough farmhouse, barn and fields;
- Seek estimates for repair of the Greenough Dam and sources of funding;
- Review ConsCom's Standard Order of Conditions as issued to applicants;
- Complete Foss Farm projects .

Meetings are scheduled for July 11, August 1 and 22, and September 12.

Eric Jensen photo contest. The remainder of the meeting was spent enjoying and judging the nature photographs submitted for the Riverfest contest in honor of the late commissioner and amateur photo-grapher Eric Jensen. The winning entries will be on display at Old Home Day.

ConsCom agenda
for July 11
Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Minutes, general business

8:00 446 Brook Street Installation of well, siltation barrier, and septic system for existing home.

8:15 566 School Street

Addition to a house, partially in wetland border zone.


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