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Friday, June 28, 2002

Many thanks for Heald House help

To the Editor:

Thanks to all who helped with the Carlisle Historical Society clean-up at the Heald House a few weeks ago. People came out of the woodwork with all sorts of tools and ideas, accomplishing far more in three hours than I had imagined possible. Alison Saylor and others from the Carlisle Garden Club generously spent a few mornings over the last weeks marking our flowers and shrubs, so we knew just what to leave and what to clear.

Charlie and Joanne Forsberg; Annette Lee; Arthur Mills; Jane Williams; Anne Marie Brako and Roxane and Alexander Sayde; Bonnie Miskcolzy; Tim Fohl; Bill Brady; Barbara Lewis; Ellen Rauch; Larry Sorli; April Stone and Marin Epstein; and Sarah, Taylor and Parker Brophy made short work of the raking, pruning, cutting, weeding and sweeping necessary to put the Heald House yard back into shape. Thanks very, very much for your generous time on a lovely Saturday morning. Next week — my yard!

Sarah Brophy

West Street

Carnival was volunteerism at its best

To the Editor:

We would like to sincerely thank all of you who helped the children of the Carlisle School make last Wednesday's fundraising carnival so successful. The carnival idea was originated by two fourth graders after hearing that their school library was in danger of closing. These normally quiet girls were moved to action thinking up this carnival idea and making an appointment with Mrs. Fox-Melanson to ask permission to hold a carnival. They got their friends involved in an initial planning meeting and then got others involved. The idea was so compelling that it snowballed into the really fun and successful carnival held the day after school ended on one of the few sunny days this month.

Mr. Stamell played lively songs to a very happy crowd with quiet intermissions of story-time with Mrs. Kelly under her beach umbrella. Children of all ages played and laughed with friends and had fun. Gross revenue for the day netted $5,880, which included $4,700 earned from the carnival and donations to CEF totaling $1,150! This was far greater than our initial expectations, enough to put the Carlisle Education Foundation's $50,000 fund drive over the top. The children helped save the things they love, the school library and Mrs. Kelly.

This was volunteerism at its best!.The carnival was run by children, primarily by fourth graders with the support of their parents, their siblings and all the many other interested children from K-8 and the high school. We applaud all of these young volunteers and expect great things from them in the future. Thank you to all you volunteers for your help and your commitment to a great cause.

Thank you one and all.

Sarah Sampson

Acton Street

Marion Cook

Cross Street

Carnival a rousing success

To the Editor:

We would like to thank all of the volunteers for helping with the "Save the School Library Carnival." We had so much fun planning it and working there that day and we're so glad that everyone donated so many great things for the toy sale and the rest of the carnival events. But best of all, we made more than enough money to save the school library and to keep the school librarian, Mrs. Kelly. Thank you for all of your help. We did it!

Annie King

Hillary Cook

carnival organizers

Helpful tip for propane tank exchange

To the Editor:

Earlier this year, the federal government mandated that propane gas tanks had to have an overflow protection device. Hence our older tanks cannot be refilled and they are being disposed of at the transfer station. A new tank with the overflow protection costs almost $40 including the filling of the tank.

A little known fact is that the older tanks can be exchanged for the new tanks at a moderate cost. Many hardware stores have a cage in front of their store containing full tanks to be exchanged for empty tanks, I went to the Sears hardware store near Drum Hill Rotary in Chelmsford. The good news is that they will take your old tank, regardless of its age or type of valve and give you a reconditioned tank, with a new valve and a renewed tank expiration date, for only $19.

Ken Waite

Bedford Road

Proposed subdivision could affect many

To the Editor:

A special permit has been requested by Liberty Trust (Charles and Charlotte Dexter of Concord) to develop 232 acres in Acton along Carlisle Road and Log Hill Road off West Street in Carlisle. The special permit approval requires a "Mandatory Finding" by the Acton Planning Board that this proposal "will not be detrimental or injurious to the neighborhood in which it is to take place."

Many in Carlisle will be affected by this proposal bordering the Acton-Carlisle townline. The proposal will have 90 five-bedroom houses on 30,000 square feet lots in a zone where the standard size lot is 100,000 square feet. Each house will have its own septic system pumping an estimated 49,500 gallons of sewage per day and 18,000,000 gallons of sewage per year. Undoubtedly, there will be chemically fed lawns which also will go downhill towards Carlisle individual house wells, endangering their groundwater. Ninety house residents will probably make 862 car trips per day using Acton Street and West Street in Carlisle, driving over already over-congested narrow, winding roads. The two entrances to the proposed development will be off Carlisle Road in Acton, which becomes Acton Street in Carlisle. One road to the 90-house development will go through the Marshall Path development on Carlisle Road; the other will also empty on Carlisle Road in Acton. Both the septic systems and the lawn chemicals causing possible water contamination will flow downhill towards western Carlisle.

The application called a PCRC (planned conservation residential community) includes 119 acres of open space that will be given to the town. The remaining 38 acres of open landlocked land, located in the middle of the proposed subdivision, will be under the control of the 90 homeowners. As part of the development there will be a basketball court, small soccer field and playground for the exclusive use of the owners and not open to the town.

Many Carlisle residents attended the June 10 meeting concerned about the possible water contamination of their individual wells. Another meeting of the Acton Planning Board is scheduled for July 22 at the Acton Library at 8:30 p.m. The library is located at 486 Main Street next to the Town Hall. Parking is in the rear of the building. There may be several public hearings. Many of the attendees on June 10 did not have an opportunity to speak. Writing a letter to the Acton Planning Board about your concerns will be extremely valuable as your letter will go in the planning board records. Gather your friends and neighbors to attend this public hearing.

Jill Reichenbach

West Street

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