The Carlisle Mosquito Online

Friday, June 28, 2002


Ode to the Old Home Day pie contest

Summer's arrived! Just ahead lies the hour

To assemble your butter and sugar and flour

And answer the question that haunts many a dream:

Will this year be berry, chiffon, or cream?

On Carlisle's Old Home Day (that's the 4

We invite you to join this bacchanalia of pie.

Imagine how your friends will be impressed

When you enter the Old Home Day pie baking contest!

There's a class for berries, another for cream

Bake by yourself, or form your own team!

There's a category just for kids under fifteen

Where tomorrow's elite pastry chefs can be seen.

Whatever kind you consider most delightful

To deny us your talents would be simply spiteful.

Make an old favorite, or try something new

We'll welcome your entry, whatever you do.

So bring us your pies, no matter the flavor

The contest is an event for all to savor.

Roll out a crust; stir up a filling

Experiment with tastes unique and thrilling.

And if you say baking just isn't your thing

Stop and see us even if you've nothing to bring.

As soon as the labors of judging are done

Pie slices are sold to everyone!

2002 The Carlisle Mosquito