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Friday, June 28, 2002


Excerpts from May 1976 issues of the Mosquito

The Ambulance Controversy--Conscience, Cost, or Good Sense?

Seventy-five people attended a meeting held by Selectman Al Peckham to discuss the proposed purchase of an ambulanceSeveral doctors, nurses, and persons trained in emergency medical technology as well as interested citizens posed questions and voiced opinions on whether the town should appropriate about $25,000 (prices vary) to purchase a fully equipped "fire rescue medical ambulance vehicle." The proposal is in response to state legislation (ambulance act of 1973).

The finance committee and the opposing selectmen have said that it is not clear that the law will require the town of Carlisle's size to conform with the law, nor is the purchase indicated by past experience in the town (last year, about 37 persons were transported)

Dr. Howard Harrison of North Road said "Vehicles do not save lives, people do." He favored regionalization of resources

Several townspeople questioned the reason for an ambulance, asking if the police would continue to transport people. The answer was not clear. The police definitely may do this until 1977.

The May Town Meeting defeated the article to purchase the ambulance after arguments convinced the assembly that Carlisle's limited need could not justify its purchase.

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