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Friday, June 21, 2002


At a Special Town Meeting on Monday June 17, a sizeable crowd of 453 citizens showed remarkable unanimity, passing two budget articles by a wide margins. Citizens increased the FY03 appropriation for town departments, providing small salary increases for non-school town employees, and funded the Concord-Carlisle High School budget at the level approved by Concord. ...more

In an action unprecedented in Carlisle, the Special Town Meeting on Monday, June 17, voted to increase the town's fiscal year 2003 budget by $75,000 more than the town currently has available to spend, leaving the budget out of balance (See report from Town Meeting, this page). Article 2 allocated an additional $125,000 to the high school, creating the $75,000 shortfall. This was done to avoid the need for a joint Town Meeting with Concord. ...more

Does Concord-Carlisle High School pay teachers more than comparable schools? At the Annual Town Meeting in May, finance committee member Lisa Jensen-Fellows, and others, targeted teachers' pay at the Carlisle Public Schools and at CCHS as critical to reducing future tax increases. Jensen-Fellows subsequently stated in a letter to the editor (March 17, 2002), "The average pay level of teachers at CCHS is the highest in the state. Relative to CCHS, average teacher pay is 16% less at Dover-Sherborn, 21% less at Lincoln-Sudbury and 26% less at Acton-Boxborough." This statement was rebutted by Betsy Bilodeau, chair of the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC), at the Special Town Meeting last Monday, claiming that CCHS salary structure is similar to that at comparable schools. ...more

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