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Friday, June 21, 2002


The four-year experiment by Lotus researcher Dr. John Patterson will end when the Carlisle Community Center web site shuts down at the end of the month. Patterson recently reflected on the project with the Mosquito. ...more

The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2002 was held on the evening of June 18, and was favored by perfect weather conditions. The ceremony began with the combined junior and senior Carlisle School bands playing under the direction of Thomas O'Halloran. To the strains of Pomp and Circumstance, seventh-grade marshalls Diane Lee and Evan Tierney led the eighth-grade class processional. The girls and boys were dressed in their finest, and slowly walked two-by-two past the rows of family and faculty members. ...more

Can you believe that we made it? We, the class of 2002, have made it out of middle school in one piece! Some of us have been here for nine whole years. Others moved here some time between kindergarten and eighth grade. But in the last couple of years we have grown up and matured in our own ways. We are on our way to high school. But we have to admit, we are going to miss it here. A lot of things are going to change as we enter high school. There will be a lot of new kids to meet, new hallways to get terribly lost in, and new cafeteria food. Looking back, there have been a lot of precious memories, a lot of mistakes made and yes, a lot of lessons learned. ...more

Rather than preparing for the traditional commencement ceremony on Memorial Field, the graduating seniors of Concord-Carlisle High School lined up for the graduation procession in a hallway of the school. Saturday's poor weather forced the graduation ceremony indoors. As the students marched into the upper gym, they were welcomed by thunderous applause from faculty, family, and friends. In a short hour and a half, 234 students would receive their diplomas marking achievements both in the classroom and out. ...more

The graduating class and their future plans ...more


The John F. Donovan Memorial Flag Award is presented to the best all-round young woman and young man in the graduation class who possess the qualities of dependability, leadership, service, and patriotism to an outstanding degree. The award is presented in memory of the former Concord High School and Concord-Carlisle High School Principal, John F. Donovan. Each student receives an American Flag, which has flown over the high school during this academic year. ...more

Tully Foote of Judy Farm Road, a graduate of Concord Academy, will attend California Institute of Technology. ...more

For a number of years, the Carlisle Garden Club has sponsored a scholarship in memory of Debbie Wright, whose mother Ann was active in the Garden Club. This scholarship is given every year to a Carlisle resident who is a high school senior or college student. This year the scholarship committee chose Stephanie Fardy, a CCHS senior, to receive the award. Stephanie has shown a strong interest for environmental issues and conservation. She volunteered for Mass. Audubon last summer and will do so again this year. Stephanie Fardy will be attending the University of New Hampshire as an undeclared major in the college of life science and agriculture. ...more

The history of the building once known as the Spaulding Tavern, sited at 476 East Street and now owned by Jim and Wendy Davis, just became more interesting. The structure, built in 1754, had a barroom set aside to serve travelers. Now the house may also claim to have housed a former American Indian princess. ...more

Name: Clemmys guttata or Spotted Turtle ...more

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