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Friday, June 21, 2002

Photo Section

Sun shines on Carlisle's Eighth-grade graduation

Laura Scholten and Jill McElligott were chosen as class speakers for the eighth grade graduation. Scholten is shown above with school committee chair Suzanne Whitney Smith. (Photo by Mike Quayle) Parents, relatives and friends stand as they receive the student ovation. (Mike Quayle) Ariel Morrison receives a hug from her dad, school committee member Paul Morrison, as principal Andy Goyer and superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson look on. (Mike Quayle) The Lowering of the Flag ceremony included students (left to right) Joe Lesses, Devon Jeffers, Ross Wagner, Teresa Huang and Jacob Faucher. (Mike Quayle) Principal Andy Goyer presents the Marguerite F. Grant Citizenship Award to Marcus Widell and Nicki Spencer. (Mike Quayle) Yearbook editors, left to right, Katie DeGuglielmo, Jill McElligott and Priya Ramanathan explain the yearbook dedication which was made to middle school social studies teachers Jane Herrmann, David Zuckerman and Michael Miller. Jill McElligott was also one of the class speakers. (Mike Quayle) Carlisle graduates from the Class of 2002: First row: (left to right) Andrew Daltas, Adam Snell, Zack Jacobellis, Joe Winsby, Zack Collins, Brian Boule, Shermin Pei, Brian Walsh, David Rouse. Second row: Rory McCarrol, Steve Foster, Jeremy Boardman, Emily Shieh, Matt Sanders, Allison Robart, Sam Gould, Christina Coscia, Roshni Kapadia, Nuri Barlas.Third row: Matt Haynes, Ben Alpert, Valerie Schmidt, Irene Schmidt, Stephanie Fardy, Sydney Holleman, Liz Mollo-Christensen, Melissa Hinton, Alexis Webster, Christina Fiorentino, Anne Lyenis, Aaron Pinsky, Brian Lee. Fourth row: Dante Falcone, Karina Przyjemski, Megan Feldt, Brian Abend, Reid Fitzgerald, Anna Casey, Emily Lawson, Vanessa Harvey, Ingrid Halstrom, Kathryn White, Andy Stone, Lindsey King, Stephanie Holleman, Jeff Luoma, Mary-Anne Decatur, Jen Bilotta, Andrew Boardman, Jamie Rainville, Andreas Breuing, Chris Tarr, Ben Nock, Kristen Kilfoyle, Josh Robbins. (photo Lois d'Annunzio) Anna Casey (second from right) is joined by her sister Caroline Casey, mother Priscilla Tobey and father David Casey at the reception following graduation ceremonies. (Lois d'Annunzio) Classmates (left to right) Stephen Foster, Jeremy Boardman, Aaron Pinsky and Andrew Boardman ham it up before the procession makes its way to the school gym. (Lois d'Annunzio) Alison Robart (left) blows bubbles with friends Anne Lyneis and Alexis Webster bringing back memories of elementary school days in Carlisle. (photo Lois d'Annunzio) Stephanie Fardy receives herscholarship from garden club member Uschi Schueller. (photo Lois d'Annunzio)

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