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Friday, June 21, 2002


Sun shines on Carlisle's eighth-grade graduation
The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2002 was held on the evening of June 18, and was favored by perfect weather conditions. The ceremony began with the combined junior and senior Carlisle School bands playing under the direction of Thomas O'Halloran. To the strains of Pomp and Circumstance, seventh-grade marshalls Diane Lee and Evan Tierney led the eighth-grade class processional. The girls and boys were dressed in their finest, and slowly walked two-by-two past the rows of family and faculty members.
After the National Anthem, Carlisle School Principal Andy Goyer gave the opening remarks. He noted that this was the 31st consecutive outdoor graduation ceremony for the school.
Student presentations
Jill McElligott and Laura Scholten were the class speakers, and each shared their thoughts about graduation. (See next page.)
Laura Ferraro, Ariel Morrison and Kim Rochette presented the gifts from the Class of 2002 to the Carlisle School. This year there were three gifts: a logo of the school mascot, a Husky, for the gym floor; a donation to the Carlisle Education Foundation to help support the school library; and a Husky flag.
Yearbook editors Katie DeGuglielmo, Jill McElligott and Priya Ramanathan spoke next, and explained to the audience why the yearbook is dedicated to the tremendous middle school social studies team of teachers: Jane Herrmann, David Zuckerman, and Michael Miller.
The student presentations concluded with a musical tribute to the eighth-grade class, performed by the senior band. The eighth-grade members rejoined the band for this part of the performance, before returning to their class to hear the award presentations.
Paula Ewers, language arts teacher for the eighth grade, announced the winners of this year's Amy Lapham Award for Continuing Education, presented by the Carlisle Teachers Association. The award is given to post-secondary students who are graduates of Concord-Carlisle High School or Minuteman Technical High School. This year the award was given to four students: Tyler Frailey, Jamie Frailey, Lauren Modeen, and Megan Miller.
The Marguerite F. Grant Citizenship Award was presented by Andy Goyer to eighth-grade graduates Nicki Spencer and Marcus Widell, for demonstrating outstanding leadership, cooperation, academic excellence, and school spirit.
Diploma presentation
After an address to the class by superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson, school committee representatives Suzanne Whitney Smith and Paul Morrison presented diplomas to the graduating class. Two students, Margo Smith and Ariel Morrison, received hugs from their parents along with their diplomas.
To conclude the graduation ceremony, Devon Jeffers, Joe Lesses and Ross Wagner lowered the flag, with music by Jacob Faucher on drums and Teresa Huang on trumpet. The combined junior and senior band then played during the Class of 2002 recessional. A reception followed in the Corey dining hall, hosted by parents of the Class of 2003.


Eighth grade graduates of the Carlisle School class of 2002

Thomas Abend
Jason Baliestiero
Teresa Barton
Marie Benkley
AnnMarie Bilotta
Alina Blum
Roy Bondurant, III
Benjamin Brewer
Allison Bryan
Amanda Byers
Aimee Carter
Nicholas Chehames
Charles Cornish
Kevin Coscia
John Day-Fratto
Katie DeGuglielmo
Irene Dennison
Justin Desrosiers
Susanna Fardy
Jacob Faucher
Laura Ferraro
Jason Forte
Timothy Galligan
Benjamin Gatti
Danielle Geoffroy
Emily Goldberg
Reginald Halstrom, II
Sean Hassey
Charles Holleman
Teresa Huang
Kenneth Hwu
Alex Ivanov
Devon Jeffers
Jeffreys Johnson
Melissa Judson
Sarah Khederian
Cassandra Knight
Robert Koning
Elise Lehotsky
Joseph Lesses
Keith Lewis
Eric Lipseir
Michael Luby
Stephanie Lucky
Nicholas Lunig
Samantha Luther
Jaime Macone
Gregory Martini
Jill McElligott
Jeremy Mestancik
Ariel Morrison
Maureen Moulton
Joanna Orlando
Raina Patel
Nicole Pedra
Stephanie Philippou
Elizabeth Price
Priya Ramanathan
Vanessa Rao
Heather Risso
Cory Robart
Hannah Roberts
Kimberly Rochette
Erica Rogoff
Abigail Rolando
Zachary Rubenstein
Ron Sadan
Anastasia Salvucci
Ian Saylor
Laura Fell Scholten
Kirill Shubin
Margot Smith
Matthew Smith
Nikki Spencer
Allison Stephens
Lindsay Ventura
Michael Vilcans
Ross Wagner
Ashley White
Marcus Widell
Benjamin Wilkes
Walter Woodward
Sanne Wortel
Jennifer Zywiak

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