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Friday, June 14, 2002


Along with the usual complement of holiday worship services, pageants, gatherings and choral productions that come along every December, the Reverend Keith Greer and his parishioners at the Carlisle Congregational Church will have an additional reason to celebrate this year. If all goes according to schedule, December will mark the end of a yearlong construction project that has temporarily closed down the church's physical plant but will result in the culmination of a 30-year-long dream. ...more

from the May 2, 1973 Mosquito ...more

Name: Milk snake or Lampropeltis triangulum. The common name comes from old folk lore that tells of these snakes milking cows. The folk that created this lore have evolved into editors for the National Enquirer. The genus name, Lampropeltis, means "shiny shield" which is descriptive of the very glossy appearance of a milk snake that has recently shed its skin. ...more

June is strawberry month in Massachusetts. Whether you grow your own, pick your own, or purchase already picked, local fresh strawberries are a treat you won't want to miss. And you also won't want to miss Carlisle's own strawberry celebration - The First Religious Society Strawberry Festival which takes place Thursday, June 20. ...more

from the May 16, 1973 Mosquito ...more

Long-time members of the Mosquito staff remember their fathers and the inspiration they continue to derive from their memories ... more

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