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Friday, June 14, 2002


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, June 4

Policy on distribution of materials. CSC chair Suzanne Whitney Smith read the proposed "Policy for the Distribution of Materials by Pupils and Staff" to the committee. The policy states "Materials being sent home with pupils should relate to school matters...such materials must be approved in advance by the superintendent or his/her designee." After some rewording the policy was accepted and will be printed in the school handbook.

Library fundraising flyer. Putting the policy discussed previously to the test, the committee reviewed a library fund-raising circular submitted for approval by the Carlisle Education Foundation. "My feeling is that it is the same as any other CEF project," said Whitney Smith. "It feels like a sales pitch. It sounds inflammatory to me," objected CSC member Nicole Burkel. CSC member Michael Fitzgerald disagreed, "I don't have a problem with this for giving information to the town." After further discussion, it was agreed the flyer passed the criteria as stated in the new policy: it is school-related, voluntary, non-political and similar in nature to Pig & Pepper and other fundraising announcements. The board voted to approve the distribution of the flyer.

High school assessment. Fitzgerald reported Concord had reduced Carlisle's high school assessment to $125,000 as a "show of good faith." He pointed out the joint Town Meeting, if necessary, would cost the two towns approximately $15,000 for services and facilities. "For those who think we are going to sit around holding hands singing 'Kumbaya,' this [the joint Town Meeting] is very serious. It shouldn't be used unless there are serious issues."

Skateboard liability. School business manager Eileen Riley reported on school liability for students skateboarding on school property. The school insurance company stated the school has no liability, but suggested a sign be posted listing hours and restrictions, if any, for use of the plaza and school grounds for skateboarding. "At a school function last week, kids were skateboarding everywhere, without helmets," lamented Burkel. "I wish they would wear helmets," agreed Carlisle School Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson.

Not retiring. The board was pleased to learn that Carlisle language arts teacher Carolyn Platt will not be seeking early retirement at the end of the 2004 school year. "She is an extraordinarily gifted teacher. That is good news," said Fox-Melanson.

Budget relief. Riley quickly reviewed the FY03 budget, noting there would be possible financial relief in two years from the early retirement costs.

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