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Friday, June 14, 2002


RSC looks for shortcut to funding high school budget

As the town prepares for the Special Town Meeting on Monday, the regional school committee (RSC) is looking for ways to secure the requested budget increase for the high school while avoiding the cost and stress of a prolonged budget process, especially a joint Concord-Carlisle Town Meeting. (See Warrant on this page.)

Attempt to avoid override

In a telephone interview on Wednesday afternoon, RSC vice chair Michael Fitzgerald explored the possibility of making a motion from the floor at Monday's Town Meeting to fund the CCHS budget shortfall out of existing town funds, thus ending the high school budget squabble. Currently the selectmen propose to fund the FY03 high school budget out of available revenues as well as a $75,000 override that must be approved both by the Carlisle Special Town Meeting and at the town election on June 26. "I want to save the $10,000 to $15,000 that it will cost, even if we cancel the joint meeting [at the last minute, after the town election]," said Fitzgerald.

FY03 CCHS budget mismatch

After last month's elections in Concord and Carlisle, the two towns were far apart on the FY03 budget for CCHS. Concord approved an assessment, recommended by the Concord Selectmen, that would bring the budget to $15,596,000, a 7% increase over FY02. With the defeat of the override in Carlisle, the high school budget could not be funded higher than the levy limit, or $15,134,000, a 3.9% increase over FY02. The RSC has asked Carlisle to match Concord's funding level.

CCHS FY03 Budget: what additional funds will buy

0.5 MCAS ELA $27,500 Half-time position to assist students at risk for failing English-Lanuage Arts MCAS exam, required for graduation.
0.5 Data services clerical $20,000 Clerical staff needed to support technical services
0.3 Music/Art chair $17,500 Increase from .2 position
0.5 Clerical $20,000 Clerical assistance during summer, for SPED and athletics department
AV equipment $10,000 TVs, VCRs, digital cameras to support classrooom instruction
Professional development $10,000 For teachers to attend conferences, workshops. Important for year High School is preparing for accreditation.
Summer curriculum $3,732 For curriculum development during the summer.
Health services $5,300 Supplies for the health program for increased population.
Virtual HS membership $6,000 On-line courses not offered at the high school.
.25 Virtual HS salary $8,980 Allow the HS to offer a course as expected in membership above.
0.5 staff $27,750 Needed because of increased enrollment.
Instruction computers $26,696 Software and hardware to update aging equipment
Field trips $2,404 Bus driver salaries for field trips.
0.5 MCAS Math $27,500 For special help in math
Senior Project $18,427 Salary to monitor up to 40 senior students in independent studies.
20% Secretaries $20,000 Support for dept. chairs and teachers
One campus monitor $21,725 Enable to keep second campus monitor to supervise campus areas.
0.5 applied Art $27,500 Needed to keep up with enrollment.
0.5 Library Aide $12,650 Needed to help students and library services
Co-curricular $29,000 Keep from eliminating many clubs and activities.
Athletics $119,161 Keep from eliminating several sports.

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