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Friday, June 14, 2002


Warrant articles for Special Town Meeting on Monday, June 17

The Warrant articles were broadly drafted and the final wording of the motions had not been completed at press time. The following is the expected strategy as of Wednesday morning.

There are four Warrant articles, but most likely only the first two will be moved.

Article 1

Article 1 would allocate the money from real estate and state aid revenue overages to town operating budgets. At the time of Mosquito publication, the detail on amounts to each department had not yet been determined. The school has also asked that $19,000 in computer equipment allocated at the May Town Meeting be transferred to fund expanded hours for a network support person.

Article 2

Article 2 asks to fund the CCHS budget shortfall, in two parts: a motion to allocate $50,000 of the revenue windfall and a proposal to fund the rest of the Carlisle assessment through a $75,000 override. The amounts may change by Town Meeting. As shown in the accompanying flow chart, if the override passes, a town election will be held June 26. If the override fails at either the Special Town Meeting or the ballot, a joint Concord-Carlisle Town Meeting is planned for June 27.

Articles 3 and 4

Articles 3 and 4, which provide for Stabilization Fund transfers, are not expected to be moved. However, an outside possibility is an amendment from the floor asking for a transfer from this fund to support the high school. (See "RSC looks for shortcut..." on page 7) The selectmen and FinCom have resisted drawing on this fund for operating expenses as it is being built up in expectation of difficult years ahead. According to FinCom chair Larry Barton, speaking at the FinTeam meeting June 11, "We still expect next year to be a very difficult year," one in which real estate growth is expected to drop off and state aid to diminish.

Much is still in flux. We urge you to visit the Mosquito website ( before the Special Town Meeting on Monday for the latest updates.

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