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Friday, June 14, 2002

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list of CCHS budget stories
Joint Concord-Carlisle Town Meeting back on the table
Town services at risk if override fails

Forget what we told you in the Mosquito last week. It's changed (again). ...more


A gentle reminder about Monday's

Town Meeting

To the Editor:

A gentle reminder before our Special Town Meeting on June 17: signs, buttons, badges or other items with political statements or recommendations are not appropriate or allowed at Town Meetings. I realize the Citizens for Tax Fairness realize this, but I want to be sure that everyone else knows as well.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday the 17th, promptly, I hope, at 7 p.m. Remember, our quorum is 150 voters ­ that's a small number deciding issues for the 5000 people in Carlisle. Does that matter to you?


SPIC and SPAN. An eager crowd gathered to make Carlisle's fire trucks shine at the Parents Connection's wash-a-fire-truck day last Saturday. (Photo by M.J. Austin)
Long-time members of the Mosquito staff remember their fathers and the inspiration they continue to derive from their memories... more

The Mosquito asked Selectman Carol Peters to explain current budget considerations.

The Carlisle selectmen, finance commmittee and town administrator have been working overtime this week to prepare for our Special Town Meeting on June 17 and town election on June 26. The Special Town Meeting will decide on funding for the regional high school, adding an additional $125,000 to what has already been appropriated in order to meet the budget level passed in Concord. It would be funded by $50,000 from available revenue, and by additional taxes authorized by a proposed $75,000 override. Town Meeting will also decide on the state of salary increases for our non-school town employees, who would receive no raises under the current budget... more

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