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Friday, June 14, 2002

News Flash

Warrant Motions Finalized

see Warrant Article in 06/07 issue

The following motions were approved at the selectmen's meeting June 13. Amendments from the floor are possible (see accompanying article).

Article 1
Passage of this article will fully-fund promised raises for town employees.
It will take $101,614 in excess town revenues over what was projected in May and apply it to salary increases for town departments. The total revenue overage is $151,614 - $120,054 from reinstated state aid, and $31,560 from higher-than-projected real estate growth. Article 2 will use the remaining $50,000 of the found money for the high school. Article 1 also arranges transfers from other accounts (Beede Superfund, O'Rourke Water Study, and Free Cash) to make up the total $136,000 needed. There will be one vote taken, and a majority is needed to pass.

Article 2
In addition to the $50,000 mentioned above, Article 2 presents an override of
$75,000 to fully-fund Carlisle's portion of the high school assessment. Passage of this article at Town Meeting, and of the ballot question at the Town Elections June 26, would end the process for resolving the budget. Failure at either would force a joint Concord-Carlisle Town Meeting on June 27. One vote will be taken and majority rules.

Articles 3 and 4
Articles 3 and 4 for transfers from the Stabilization Fund will not be moved.


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