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Friday, June 14, 2002


This is one of a series of articles that will appear from time to time as we approach the 30th anniversary of the Mosquito on August 2, 2002

Notes from K-4 principal Mr. Mill

from the May 2, 1973 Mosquito

On Wednesday, Miss Robinson's class and Family West held a Hobby Day. Several parents shared their hobbies: Mrs. Liessner - baking; Mrs. Ritz, Mrs. Hayen, Mrs. Oleksiak - cooking; Mrs. Given - rug braiding; Mr. Conley - soap carving; Mrs. Jones - reed weaving; Mr. Caney - toys; Mrs. Conley - sewing; Mr. Harte - chess; Mrs. Trenholm - stamp collecting; Mrs. Swanson - crewel; Mrs. Emmons - weaving; Mrs. Huber - macrame; Mrs. Cook - knitting. We thank them all for their help; the children had a lot of fun.

On Thursday, April 12, the Spalding classes enjoyed a brief movie, explanation and "live" demonstration of the Minute men costumes, drums and fifes given by Mrs. Shea, Mrs. MacFarland, Michael Shea and Scot MacFarland.

Middle School notes from 1974

From the April 3, 1974 Mosquito

It has come to our attention that some citizens of Carlisle are not aware of the scope of the after school sports and other activities available to our students. Sports include: Interscholastic sports: soccer (boys, field hockey (girls-fall, boys-spring), basketball (girls and boys), baseball (boys), softball (girls). Intramurals: soccer (boys and girls), basketball (girls and boys), dance club (girls). Coed Intramurals: gymnastics, ski club, fencing, tennis, volleyball, softball.

Nonathletic activities include: drama club, leaders club, band cheerleaders, math league, student council, student publications.

From Robert Brinkman, principal

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