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Friday, June 7, 2002


"Is it safe there?" ...more

Have we made all the great scientific discoveries our puny human minds can make? Sure, we can keep building a better mousetrap, but is there anything left for an Einstein, Darwin, or Newton to discover? Will societies with goals antagonistic to our own, such as the Taliban, use our own technologies against us? ...more

A friend of ours has a boat named Sensible Shoes. Right away this tells us a lot about the man and his boat. The boat is strictly for pleasure and comfort. The man is not a racer and knows how to relax. To me, he really has the whole idea of sailing. No rail down, wave pounding long hard tacks for him. ...more

From time to time in the past six years, the Mosquito has published transcripts of interviews produced by the Carlisle Oral History Project. The most recent interviews are of Dr. Peter Morey, Carlisle's veterinarian, which appeared in the May 3 Mosquito, and that of Bonnie Miskolczy, founder of the Mosquito, on April 5. Some readers have wondered about the historical accuracy of the information shared in these interviews, providing us with an opportunity to explain briefly what oral history is ­ and is not. ...more

Puzzle pieces were missing from the recreation commission article in the May 24 Mosquito. How and when did the full slate of recreation courses for adults and children begin? When was the Banta-Davis Field fully developed? Who was instrumental in these two ventures? The answer is Carol Peters, a 20-year resident of Carlisle, who, along with a dedicated team of commission volunteers, began the year-round recreation program and sponsored the development of the Banta-Davis Land. ...more

When Chris Kavelauskas found a smashed turtle on the road near the transfer station, she was dismayed. Chris, a member of Carlisle's Conservation Commisssion, is also a professional in the field of wetland biology, and she knew that the turtle on the road was a spotted turtle, which is deemed "a species of special concern" in the state listings of wetland wildlife. Shortly after she found the spotted turtle, she assisted a painted turtle across the road on Brook Street. ...more

President Bush has asked every U.S. citizen to give two years of his time to volunteering for his community or for his country. What counts as volunteering under the president's request? Unlike the unspoken civic obligation of years past, this idea is not limited to hitches in the armed services, although it may include them. This time, we are being asked to band together and give our time to any cause which will benefit our communities, large and small: soup kitchens, shelters, schools, libraries, hospitals, children's programs ­ everything from organizing grass roots projects to spending a few hours each week cleaning up public pathways and roads. In the words of First Lady Laura Bush, the spirit of the president's idea is to widen the scope of "civility" in our country and to unite us as citizens and neighbors willing to lend a hand and help each other. Doing so, the theory goes, will close the gaps created by prejudice and suspicion and increase our understanding of each other, our ability to work together, and our mutual trust. ...more

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