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Friday, June 7, 2002


Quotes from the selectmen's meeting

"If [Concord's] bond counsel [who serves] close to forty regional school districts has never seen [a district meeting], we are approaching new territory."­Ned Perry, Concord Moderator

"We have additional enrollment we must meet, so we are not in position to reduce the school's budget to meet Carlisle's needs." ­Betsy Bilodeau, chair, regional school committee (RSC)

"I am still struggling with the situation that, if the override doesn't pass, we have to fund town government at a 0% increase . . . and the high school at a 7% increase ­ it's difficult to do that." ­Carlisle selectman Carol Peters

"We have had a $400,000 displacement [in the town budget] and are faced with a group of people who are very much against any other revenue increases from overrides. As you implore us to support public education [note that] by far the largest budget increase voters of Carlisle will support will be for the high school." ­Carlisle selectman Tim Hult to the RSC and Concord Selectmen

"Giving the voters of Carlisle the opportunity to vote for the now-established high school budget is something we should be doing and can do ... if the voters of Carlisle choose to not support an override for [CCHS] in essence they're saying they want to show up at a district meeting." ­Carlisle selectman Doug Stevenson

"Town employees [will be] forced to give their salary away to the high school. ­Deb Belanger, long-term capital requirements committee

"Other departments can't do their own fundraising [as the schools can]." ­Deb Belanger, long-term capital requirements committee

"[It's] not fair to pit these two [high school and Carlisle town employees] against each other. I don't believe that's the choice before you ... I don't want to hear [that paying] the assessment for the region will take money from town employees." ­Betsy Bilodeau, RSC chair

"It's my feeling we pay our people first and then reduce services if we have to. If people don't vote for two overrides it's unrealistic to not expect lower services." ­Carlisle selectman Tim Hult

"Voters [at Town Meeting] were concerned with the cost of education and the rate of increase...and that's why I'm having trouble guaranteeing that [high school] budget, that doesn't give voters a chance to go to Town Meeting and [talk about it]." ­Carlisle selectman Carol Peters

"A lot of people [who will be] against the 75K would vote against any money whether for the high school or town employees." ­Carlisle selectman Tim Hult

"[The proposed override will effectively] fund a range of things for the town...helping us out of a predicament. [I think our] effort would be much better put there than a continuation of this [path to a district meeting] over several meetings, where the outcome is predictable...and get the two towns...put in a position where a lot can be said that might not be constructive." ­Carlisle selectman Tim Hult

"We funded the 11%" [increase in CCHS budget because] we didn't have a clue what was going to pass in Concord. When we see three levels [of overrides] we don't know how to match that." ­Tony Allison, Carlisle FinCom

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