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Friday, June 7, 2002


Brophy chosen moderator for possible joint Town Meeting

On June 4 the Carlisle Board of Selectmen met jointly with the Concord Selectmen, for the purpose of appointing a moderator for a possible joint Town Meeting. This joint Town Meeting, scheduled for June 27, will only be held if necessary, to agree on a funding level for the Concord Carlisle Regional High School budget.

Selectmen had asked Concord Moderator, Edward (Ned) Perry, and Carlisle Moderator, Sarah Brophy, for recommendations in choosing a neutral moderator, independent of both towns. They are both members of the Massachusetts Moderators Association, and they spoke with several members of the association for recommendations. The advice to them, however, was that a local moderator who understood the towns would do the best job.

Brophy and Perry both said they work well together, and both were willing to serve. Perry said that they both have similar qualifications, with the same amount of experience. He suggested the towns choose Brophy as Moderator this time, and perhaps give him a turn next year (if a joint Town Meeting is needed.) Gary Clayton, chairman of the Concord Board of Selectmen, thought this plan was a "reasonable, prudent way to proceed," and said the Concord Selectmen support it unanimously. The Carlisle Selectmen agreed.

The two boards of selectmen passed a motion appointing Sarah Brophy Moderator, and Edward Perry Assistant Moderator for the possible joint Town Meeting on June 27. Carlisle Selectman Tim Hult remarked that this was probably the first time in 200 years that the two towns had gotten back together to vote on something.

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