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Friday, June 7, 2002


Sensible Shoes

A friend of ours has a boat named Sensible Shoes. Right away this tells us a lot about the man and his boat. The boat is strictly for pleasure and comfort. The man is not a racer and knows how to relax. To me, he really has the whole idea of sailing. No rail down, wave pounding long hard tacks for him.

Bearing all this in mind, let's think about appropriate names for our homes, our cars, our families, and whatever else comes to mind.

My Nest sounds like a safe, snug haven, but a little selfish. Perhaps Our Nest would be a better term. Then again, whatever one person thinks of as a nest, the partner might have a whole other concept. My Nest includes a couple of bathrooms and a big walk-in closet. Our Nest, at least in our house, has one bathroom and almost no closets at all. We do have barns, which are filled with his stuff. What about you?

What would you call your car? The first thing that comes to mind is Mine! Yes, it is a selfish name, but just think how annoying it is to get into your car and find the seat readjusted so that your feet don't reach the pedal, the mirrors focus on the floor, and the gas tank you filled yesterday is empty. Other names that come to mind are: Gangway, Give Me a Ticket Please and Creeping Grandmother. I'm sure that there are other car names, maybe See How Expensive and More Important I Am, or My Kids Are Still in College or Mom's Leftover. I bet you can think of a few names, too.

Maybe we should think of names for our family. Is Harmony a good one? What about A Lesson in Patience? Consider What's for Supper? Where's Dad? or Just Us.

Going back to boats, I have seen some other amusing boat names over the years. Momma's Mink, Gone Broke, Fifth Son, The Office and Doxology and Buxsom Lass are just a few that leap into my mind.

The Daily Gaze ­ how's that for a newspaper? The Zoo for some workplaces, or maybe even Town Meeting. Last Refuge could be your home or your favorite retreat.

I'm running out of steam now, so why don't you try to think of a few of your own?

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