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Friday, May 31, 2002


With a collective intake of breath, the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) faced the nitty-gritty of the high school budget on Tuesday evening. Betsy Bilodeau, new chairman of the RSC, described the action items on the agenda as part of "the legal process that is in place for those regional school districts which do not have agreement about a school budget." Carlisle selectmen have 45 days to transfer or allocate monies to fund the budget submitted to them by the regional school committee. If by that time Carlisle does not meet the assessed amount, said Bilodeau, the RSC can call a joint Town Meeting to craft a budget to be decided by voters of both towns. ...more

Most people who live in New England are aware of Lyme disease and each year more of us are coming by that knowledge based on personal experience. Lyme disease is an extremely complex constellation of clinical syndromes, a detailed description of which is well beyond the scope of this piece. However, there are some important aspects that are worth sharing. This information may help you decide when to seek medical care in the context of a tick bite. ...more

On May 21, the Carlisle Board of Selectmen voted to take no formal action on the request to transfer the town's cable TV license from AT&T Broadband to AT&T/ComCast, thus allowing the license to transfer by default. The license transfer was needed as a result of the recent merger of AT&T Broadband, the former license holder, with ComCast. ...more

May 21

· Carriage Way. The selectmen voted to use Eminent Domain, under Massachusetts General Law 79 as amended, to confirm the town's title to land off Carriage Way. No damages were awarded to the land's last private owner, since the town acquired the lot because of unpaid taxes. Once cleared, this land will be combined with adjacent land to create a "buildable" lot with frontage on Carriage Way. The resultant lot will then be sold, and the money added to the town's stabilization fund. ...more

· 106 Concord Street. Homeowner Christoph Karpeter of 106 Concord Street appeared at the board of health to request a construction permit for his alternative septic system. Back in September the board of health approved the system with three waivers, but it has taken until April 17 for the planning board, conservation commission and state department of environmental protection (DEP) to approve the system. All of these steps were necessary before the board of health could issue the construction permit. ...more

The conservation commission is the latest town body forced to grapple with opposing but undeniably legitimate fiscal priorities. Faced with a personal appeal for help from selectman John Ballantine, the commission spent the better part of its May 23 meeting weighing the wisdom and legality of a partial transfer of monies from the conservation fund to the town's operating budget. ...more

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

General discussion items: ...more

Recently the board of health approved a septic system for a three-bedroom guest house to be added to a lot with an existing home. Building inspector Bob Koning says he has so far never received a request for a guest house permit during his tenure, though the town bylaw allowing guest houses was written decades ago. "But I'm not saying there are none out there," he said, pointing out that there could be buildings used as guest houses in town. ...more

· Book dedication. Carlisle School Librarian Sandy Kelly and Carlisle student Alissa Merz displayed the latest Clifford book, Clifford Goes To Dog School, pointing out the dedication inside: "To the students of the Carlisle School." Merz is the granddaughter of Clifford author Norman Bridwell. He was the special guest at last year's CSA book sale, where he signed Clifford books. ...more

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