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Friday, May 31, 2002


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, May 21

· Book dedication. Carlisle School Librarian Sandy Kelly and Carlisle student Alissa Merz displayed the latest Clifford book, Clifford Goes To Dog School, pointing out the dedication inside: "To the students of the Carlisle School." Merz is the granddaughter of Clifford author Norman Bridwell. He was the special guest at last year's CSA book sale, where he signed Clifford books.

· Student council. Carlisle School special education teacher Skip Avery introduced Carlisle eighth-grader Melissa Judson, president of the Carlisle School Student Council. Melissa reported on the actions the council had taken in the 2001-2002 school year, including a coat drive for needy children, spirit days at the school, luncheon for Carlisle seniors, and fund-raisers such as "Human-I-Tees" sale, a snack shack for sporting events, and a school store which sold school supplies. All work was planned and performed by the students.

· Flyer distribution. A brief discussion was held regarding a memo received by the CSC asking for a clarification on the flyer distribution policy. Chair Suzanne Whitney Smith explained that political flyers are not allowed to be distributed through the school However, she clarified that the parent-authored flyer that was sent home via Carlisle students was deemed "non-political" by the Massachusetts Office Of Campaign Finance. Simon Jensen Fellows pointed out that the policy on distribution of political flyers does not appear in the school policy handbook. Whitney Smith assured him it would be reviewed and included. Jensen Fellows expressed concern that the school, in allowing a flyer to be distributed, would open the door to other groups wanting to use students as a method of distributing information. Fox-Melanson said she had made the erroneous decision to allow the flyer to be sent home with the students and she took full responsibility for her decision. "I made the error in judgment," she said. "The CSC can't address it, because they didn't do it."

· Donation to library. The board voted to accept an anonymous $1,500 donation to the Carlisle School library for the purchase of books.

· Teacher assignments. Whitney Smith quickly read the planned teacher assignments for the 2002-2003 school year. Most teachers currently teaching at the school will be returning, though teaching assistants and administrative positions were being reviewed. Due to the large class size, a possible fifth class of second grade is planned, but Fox-Melanson would not commit to it until the final budget plan is arranged.

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