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Friday, May 31, 2002

Part of the Carlisle Memorial Day celebration each year is the keynote address usually given by a Carlisle veteran. This year was a little different. The speakers this year were Carlisle School's third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students, whose essays answering the question, "What Memorial Day Means to Me," were chosen to be delivered in a shortened version at formal exercises in Corey auditorium on Monday. The history and language arts departments directed the project and selected the essays to be presented. ...more

With a collective intake of breath, the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) faced the nitty-gritty of the high school budget on Tuesday evening. Betsy Bilodeau, new chairman of the RSC, described the action items on the agenda as part of "the legal process that is in place for those regional school districts which do not have agreement about a school budget." Carlisle selectmen have 45 days to transfer or allocate monies to fund the budget submitted to them by the regional school committee. If by that time Carlisle does not meet the assessed amount, said Bilodeau, the RSC can call a joint Town Meeting to craft a budget to be decided by voters of both towns. ...more
Veteran and long-time Carlisle resident Ralph Metivier, who died last October, is honored by his sons and the Carlisle Fire Department during ceremonies at Green Cemetery. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

Most people who live in New England are aware of Lyme disease and each year more of us are coming by that knowledge based on personal experience. Lyme disease is an extremely complex constellation of clinical syndromes, a detailed description of which is well beyond the scope of this piece. However, there are some important aspects that are worth sharing. This information may help you decide when to seek medical care in the context of a tick bite. ...more

The current scandal regarding the sexual abuse of minors by Roman Catholic priests has presented a challenge for the priests, the parish council, and the general membership at St. Irene. Although the scandal has not touched the local church directly, parishioners are concerned and angry over the Boston archdiocese's management of the issue. ...more

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