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Friday, May 24, 2002


Everyone who thinks of sports, summer camp, and recreation courses thinks of the Carlisle Recreation Department, along with its parent volunteer committee, the Carlisle Recreation Commission (RecCom), which oversees the department. The rec department touches many aspects of Carlisle daily life, from the tennis courts, to the picnic tables, to the sports fields, to video software at the school. "We're a service to the town," Maureen Tarca, chairman of the recreation commission, explained. "It's amazing, the logistics to run a program, whether it's the summer camp, the fall recreation course offering, or an early release ski afternoon." When Tarca started with the recreation commission four years ago, the rec department was a growing organization, borrowing space in the Town Hall, having no permanent home. But the department, which has grown into a three-employee organization with its own office in the Town Hall, was actually begun many years ago by town residents using traditional Carlisle grass-roots efforts. ...more

Name: May-apple or Podophyllum peltatum, a.k.a. Mandrake, but not the old world mandrake of Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet: "And shrieks like mandrakes torn out of the earth,/That living mortals hearing them, run mad." The new-world mandrake doesn't shriek, and there is no scientific evidence to link it to mortals running mad in Carlisle. ...more

(Information for this article is taken from Ruth Wilkins' Carlisle: Its History and Heritage and an article in the Concord Journal, November 30, 1967, written by Lucile Kohler.) ...more

With one of the coldest starts anyone could remember, 20 birders turned out for the 31st annual Carlisle Conservation Commission Spring Bird Walk on the Towle Conservation Land on Sunday, May 19, at 6 a.m. With snow on Saturday and mostly cold and wet weather the week before, it was not surprising that few new migrants would have arrived. What was surprising was the complete absence of mosquitoes and black flies. This, plus a fair assortment of birds under a warming sun in a cloudless sky, made for an exceptionally pleasant walk. ...more

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