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Friday, May 24, 2002


SBC to do second school feasibility study

The school building committee has been busy this spring reviewing proposals for a feasibility study to analyze building sites for a possible new school, or a school expansion on the existing campus to accommodate increasing enrollments. The committee is reviewing qualifications and checking the references of four finalist companies to do the feasibility study after reviewing over a dozen proposals. $20,000 was approved at the special 2001 fall Town Meeting for the further study.

An initial feasibility study completed by HKT Architects in June 2001 was the basis for the building committee's recommendation of the Banta-Davis Land off Bedford Road as the best site for a possible second school.

This second study will provide a more complete assessment of building sites including the Banta-Davis Land, the sloping hillside next to the school on Church Street and the Spalding playing fields at the bottom of the hill. The study will also look into ways to expand the existing school buildings to add more classroom space. If the current school is expanded, common areas such as the cafeteria, outdoor play plaza and gym also need to be enlarged and more parking added to accommodate additional people at the school.

This new study is intended to provide detailed analysis of the proposed sites including cost estimates for building on each site, and also estimated operating costs for the different locations. The report will also review enrollment projections for the school and provide long-range plans for use of the school buildings.

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