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Friday, May 17, 2002


Last year, the Carlisle Trails Committee received several phone calls from people who had been using the trails in town, but had found them poorly marked and were fearful of getting lost. Steve Tobin, committee chairman, pondered the situation and decided to seek help. He submitted a small article to the Mosquito explaining the problem and asked if there was a sign maker in town who might engrave signs for marking the trails more clearly. ...more

A.E. Benfield (Ben) of West Street originally was a columnist for the Carlisle Gazette. Once the Mosquito and the Gazette merged in 1983, Benfield continued to submit his columns to the Mosquito. Benfield, a physicist, and former professor of physics, was chairman of the Carlisle Conservation Commission during the '60s and '70s. ...more

Directed by Sam Raimi ...more

Name: Common Porcupine or Erethizon dorsatum. Member of the order Rodentia. ­ a rodent. ...more

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