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Friday, May 17, 2002


Shorts from the ConsCom, May 9

Wetland buffer off Carriage Lane. A Carriage Lane resident filed a Notice of Intent (NOI) seeking permission to clear a 15-foot backyard extension into a wetland buffer zone off Carriage Lane. Conservation administrater Sylvia Willard confirmed that the project was essentially a matter of removing undergrowth, since the owners had agreed to save all the large pine trees and remove only two dying oaks. The commissioners reluctantly approved a compromise strip, specifying that it end 25 feet from the resource area, prohibit removal of the healthy trees, and include either boulders or a stone wall to mark the 25-foot wetland boundary.

Tapping groundwater on Tall Pines. In a final informal conversation with Tall Pines resident Kelly Driscoll, the commission advised the applicant to file an extensive NOI. Driscoll is the unhappy owner of a drilled well that produces a meager two gallons of water per minute and so wants to dig a 4 x 20-foot well to draw surface water for landscaping maintenance. The commissioners feared that tapping groundwater in an environmentally sensitive development could have an adverse effect on habitat that has been legally declared essential to endangered wildlife. They were doubly cautious, suspecting that this "solution" to water shortages if adopted by other water-poor residents, might prove disastrous in an ecologically vulnerable environment. Finally, no such "change of use" could ever be approved without a go-ahead from the state's Natural Heritage Program.

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