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Friday, May 17, 2002


Selectmen may consider new override

In a telephone conversation on the morning after the election, chair of the board of selectmen John Ballantine said that the selectmen, at their next meeting on Tuesday, May 21, will discuss placing another override budget before the town. A Special Town Meeting in June, already being planned to deal with the CCHS budget dispute (see article above), could offer the opportunity to try for another override.

"We [the selectmen] did not seriously debate a lower level override because we did not want three overrides and because we supported the 5.9% [budget]. I don't think people really understood what the balanced budget will mean for the town," Ballantine said.

His suggestion to the selectmen and the FinCom will be to develop a new budget, aiming to increase the FY03 budget about 4.5% over FY02. This would cover critical shortages for the Carlisle School as well as the police and fire departments. It would also include an increase for CCHS, hoping to agree with Concord to support the Concord FinCom level. "But people may say 'No, you can't do that," Ballantine acknowledged.

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