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Friday, May 10, 2002


After years of high spending in a booming economy, Carlisle taxpayers began to question whether they can really have it all, particularly their "Rolls Royce" schools that consume 62% of the town budget. ...more

After an hour of presentation and discussion, townspeople voted down all attempts to lower the Community Preservation Act (CPA) real estate tax surcharge. ...more

By a large majority Town Meeting voters defeated a proposal that would have raised additional funds for Carlisle's assessment for the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District. Article 6, originally intended to match the lowest of Concord's possible CCHS overrides, had been added to the Warrant by citizens petition. By Tuesday evening the proposal had morphed from a conditional appropriation to a transfer of $92,000 from the stabilization fund. Neither the selectmen nor the FinCom recommended approval. ...more

A number of presentations preceded the discussion of the FY03 operating budget in Articles 3 to 5. FinCom chair Tony Allison began with a jazzy animated computer slide show describing how the finance committee develops the balanced budget and any recommended overrides. ...more

It seemed like old times at the board of appeals last Thursday night, May 2, when David Woodward and Gretchen Anderegg presented their plan for a 199-foot cell tower, to be sited on the property line between the two owners, off Bedford Road, and abutting nothing but conservation land. Earlier this year the board had turned down the application of American Tower Corporation to place a 150-foot tower at 662 Bedford Road, which had been vigorously opposed by approximately 15 abutters. ...more

Sometime during the next week or so, 250 shaggy vegetarians will spill down the ramps and into the dense thickets at Spencer Brook Reservation on West Street. Over the days that follow, they will chomp their way through buckthorn, poison ivy and other noxious invasives that have previously seemed invincible. Grasses will not be spared, but thanks to the accompanying free fertilizer, these desirable species will spring back, greener than ever. Rare plants will be protected by the fencing that keeps the meandering mowers within bounds. ...more

Town Hall 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Minutes: 3/15/02 ...more

Doug Edwards of 125 Meadowbrook Road appeared at the board of health's April 30 meeting to discuss a permit to upgrade his septic system to accomodate eight bedrooms. Edwards is planning to build a separate three-bedroom guest house for his daughter and her family, which will share a septic system with his main house which has five bedrooms. Current Carlisle zoning bylaws permit a property owner to have a "guest house" on a residential lot. According to board of health administrator Linda Fantasia, the term "guest house" is not defined. ...more

Animal management regulations. A number of interested residents attended the board of health meeting on April 30 to hear the board's discussion of issues related to new animal management regulations that the board will draw up. ...more

Twenty-three articles were moved during the two nights of Town Meeting on May 6 and 7. Except for the budget and the Community Preservation Act (CPA) surcharge, most articles elicited few questions and were passed unaimously or, according to town moderator Sarah Brophy, by a "super majority." ...more

"You have the right to disagree, but not to disparage," ...more

Tell us about yourself. I'm a museum professional, a mother of two boys in Carlisle schools, and the wife of a silversmith/volunteer fireman/soccer coach. During 15 years in Carlisle, I've been appointed to three town committees, sat on the board of the Historical Society, written museum articles for the Mosquito, and twice worked with many volunteers as Editor of the Red Balloon (spiral bound) phonebook. I have been Moderator since May 2000. ...more

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